Elversøes Amazing


Elversøe Amazing is born in 2007 and was the first foal at the farm. She has a special place due to her personality - very willing to work and always ready to be in the center.

Elversøe Amazing is bred on a breeding proof line with elite, medal and several main studbook. She got no less than 8.5 for rideability and 8 in capacity at her performance test by the judges.

She has mainly been my riding horse but in 2014 she had her first foal which was after Diamond Hit and in 2017 a foal after the young stallion Don Ferro - De Kooning x Ferro from Gestût Sprehe.



Elversøe Amazing comes from an damline with several elite mare and stallions behind.

M. Gabi Khan: One of the last years after the elite stallion Matador. A mare who has given great willingness in her offspring and good pace.

GM. Gabriella EBDH 2142: Awarded bronze medal and elite mare. One offspring received a one-year breeding permit Du-Khan DH 422 plus Aga-Khan DH 399 was awarded Åge Ravn's pokal with silver breeder's medal. Aga-Khan was also B horse in dressage and jumping.

GGM.Wanessa EDS 2518: Elitehoppe. One B-horses in dressage, Freude RDH 2774 and an outspring awarded bronze medal, Gabriella EBDH 2142.

F. Michellino DVE 542: The Year's Stallion 2006 and again in 2011 Michellino was honored and awarded the HKH Princess Benedict's prize. The prize is awarded to the Danish Warmblood-stallion stallion, which has been particularly noted in the equestrian sport in the past year, at its own performance or as a dad for competition horses. Michellino, ranks among the world's most successful father stallion for dressage horses and he is the father of several international Grand Prix horses. Particularly mentioned is Mistral Højris, who has been among the world's best dressage horses.

GF. Matador DVE 405: International dressage horse ridden by Kyra Kyrklund. They has won many international victories and placement ex. silver winners in 1990 VM and winner of the World Cup final in 1991.

Dressage horses with capacity and a working willingly temper is important characteristic for a dressage horse.

Elversøes Horses breeding program is based on a very strong dam line with elite mares in several lines behind. 

Both Danish and foreign approved stallions are used based on result but also a curiosity of using upcoming young stars.

At this site you can read more about the horses. News will be posted via Facebook.

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