Elversøes Melody

Elversøes Melody born 2019 mare

She is a darling with at great temper - always trying to be in the center - with nice elastic uphill movements.

M. Elversøes Amazing is bred on a breeding proof line with elite, medal and several main studbook. She got no less than 8.5 for rideability and 8 in the capacity at her performance test by the judges.

F. Gørklintgårds Shaolin approved Danish Warmblood stallion with large elastic movements and a very impressive rideability. He was sold in 2018 3 years old to the United States, as a new upcoming star for the talented international rider Heather Blitz. 

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Dressage horses with capacity and a working willingly temper is important characteristic for a dressage horse.

Elversøes Horses breeding program is based on a very strong dam line with elite mares in several lines behind. 

Both Danish and foreign approved stallions are used based on result but also a curiosity of using upcoming young stars.

At this site you can read more about the horses. News will be posted via Facebook.

Welcome and enjoy !

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